This conveyor was realized in short time to be presented during the DJAZAGRO show of Alger from 20 till 23 April 2015. The technical teams of BENNE SA and of IPO Technologie worked together to be able to finalize this project which will have lasted between its conception in our R&D department and its delivery only 3 weeks and a half.

During DJAZAGRO, the VISIOSCAN 100 had the honor of the visits of Agriculture and Trade Ministers: Mrs Abdelouahab Nouri and M. Amara Benyounès as well as of Mrs Marek Sawicki Polish Minister for Agriculture.

Developed for the food-processing applications to check the “best-before date”, the colors (ex: control of the validity and the conformity of cans) he can also find his place in the medical applications requiring a strict quality control.


The Future:

With the success of this collaboration, these 2 structures think about a more important launch of the VISIOSCAN 100 but also about an implementation of new equipments of IPO Technologie products by taking into account the specific needs of BENNE SA customers.



This machine allows at the same time to detect and to eject products unsatisfactory or not corresponding – examples:

  • Not corresponding biscuits because of bad dimensions, colors…
  • Produced with an absent or incorrect “best-before date”
  • Badly set cans of food
  • Bottles badly labelled or blocked
  • Produced visually not corresponding