IPO Technologie proposed a specific adaptation of its screens ITAS 15. To facilitate the change and the maintenance IPO Technologie suggested a screen connected with standard connections (VGA and USB) via a RJ45 conversion kit. The screen is deported by more than 25 meters of the control PC. For more operators’ comfort IPO Technologie also supplied tight and completely washable keyboards (projections of oil) deported too by 25 meters from the PC.

The ITAS 15″ of IPO Technologie is panelmount monitor in metal cased. Designed to resist the most extreme conditions: dusts, projection, humidity, temperature variation, shocks, IP65 on front face they also benefit from a manufacturer guarantee of more than 2 years.

This solution allowed a change of the HMI in record time and at a lower cost without any breakdown in the production line. The deployment is perfectly integrated into the machine for an optimal user-friendly system.


The Future:

IPO Technologie equips now, 6 production lines on the Tremery PSA Peugeot Citroën site. The specific screen ITAS15 is referenced on the PSA catalog and can be settled on other production lines or at PSA subcontractors.